maandag, oktober 08, 2007

Connie and Greg

During my business trips in the US I have spent quite some time in Minnesota. Whenever possible, I visited Connie Mertens, a second cousin once removed, in the Twin Cities.

The last couple of days, Connie and her husband Greg have been visiting Belgium. During the weekend they have been staying at my parent's house. On Saturday we've spent most of the time chatting, drinking Belgian beers, eating food and buying chocolate. On Sunday we went to the Mertens reunion at the Sparrenhof in Langdorp where 70 relatives showed up.

It's always nice to meet relatives from abroad. When the boys are a little bit older, we have to make sure we go to one of the Mertens reunions in Devils Lake. That has got to be fun...

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  1. In the meantime I have uploaded some pictures.
    More coverage of the Mertens Family Reunion can be found here and here (both in Dutch). Additional pictures can be found here.