dinsdag, september 04, 2007

Eclipse Shirt

My Eclipse shirt arrived yesterday. It's the compensation for some work I did a couple of weeks ago. The quality seems to be pretty good and the color (black) is definitely better than the in-your-face-blue of the shirt I received last year as attendee of the Eclipse Summit Europe 2006 conference.

I was going to add a link to clarify what type of shirt the authors of the Europa reviews received, but I could not find an online store selling Eclipse goodies. So, it looks like you can't order them online. I wonder whether the Eclipse Foundation ever considered selling goodies/gadgets/swag online?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. >I wonder whether the Eclipse Foundation
    >ever considered selling
    >goodies/gadgets/swag online?

    Yup. It comes up pretty regularly. We get all excited right up to the point where we'd have to collect VISA numbers and deal with the tax implications. Still, it may happen yet.

  2. Given that there is talk about having paypal and advertisement at the Eclipse site (the tasteful subtle kind) perhaps this would be yet another way to generate cash flow. We have an awesome logo for the modeling project that I'm sure many thousands of people just couldn't live without! I'll add it to my list of issues to bring up at the board meeting...

  3. I've been suggesting this for a while now, the most recent attempt being bug 197425. Why is the idea of connecting a Paypal button to the Foundation's bank account such a scary/daunting idea? Is the idea of selling schwag / subscriptions / DVDs unappealing because of the staffing requirement?

  4. There is a service http://www.spreadshirt.com/ which let's you create the tshirt shop online - you don't have to deal with the Tshirts, VISA numbers, etc, you just receive your comission.

    So that could be a relatively easy-to-setup-and-maintain approach.

  5. There has been a CafePress site around for years: http://www.cafepress.com/eclipseide

    It was setup and managed by the initial EPIC founders. It's rarely used. Even if we marketed it, I'm not sure it would generate revenue. We would probably treat it more like a service to those who wanted to buy Logo-ware than a revenue stream.

    But I would happy to be wrong if there was a stronger demand and maybe a better fufillment site.

    - Don