zaterdag, augustus 04, 2007

Viewing printers in Eclipse

I have just released version 1.1.0 of the Eclipse Printers plug-in. The plug-in contains a view that shows the details of all available printers. It lists each printer's name, DPI, page size and printable area. This latest version adds an action to print a test page which helps you to understand which area of a page in unprintable (because of the physical limitations of the printer).

I have never blogged about any of the previous releases because the code in this plug-in is not really rocket science. But now I figured that maybe the source of this plug-in might help other people to understand how to do certain things in Eclipse/SWT platform: make columns of a JFace TableViewer sortable, use the SWT printing API (Printer and PrinterData), use some of the basic SWT graphics functions. If you're interested in an example in each of these aereas, I invite you to check out the source.

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