zaterdag, augustus 04, 2007

Google Code and Google Analytics

When doing the recent release of my Eclipse Printers plug-in, I noticed that there is a way to let Google Analytics count/track the visitors of project pages hosted by Google Code.

In fact, it is really easy to set up:
  1. In Google Analytics, click on "Add Website Profile".
  2. Verify that "Add a Profile for a new domain" is selected.
  3. Enter the Google Code URL of your project. For example "".
  4. Click "Finish >"
  5. Copy the tracking number (for example: UA-1234567-1) out of the snippet of JavaScript.
  6. In Google Code, click on the "Administer" tab of your project.
  7. At the bottom of the "Project Summary" page, paste the tracking number into the field "Analytics profile number".
  8. Click on "Save Changes".
  9. In Google Analytics, click on "Done".
  10. After 24 hours the first data will show up in Google Analytics.
This is another nice example of the integration between different Google services. Just like the recent integration between Blogger and FeedBurner.

PS: I'm not sure whether this is new functionality or whether this option has been there from the start. I only started using Google Analytics long after I started using Google Code so I might not have been paying attention that field back then.

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