woensdag, juli 18, 2007

New Polar CS200

I have a brand new Polar CS200 Cycling Computer. But not without a hassle.

I ordered the CS200 at Nadine Sport in Aarschot. After a week I got a phone call to tell me that the CS200 had been delivered, so I went back to the store to pick it up. When I got home I started configuring the cycling computer. I noticed that some of the LEDs in the display were not working correctly. Clearly an issue covered by the warranty.

I went back to the store, showed the problem and they agreed that this was a problem and that it is covered by the warranty. They would order a new one and let me know when it arrived.

Yesterday I went to pick up the new replacement unit and this time the screen looked just fine. At home I configured cycling computer, I tested the heart rate monitor and I started installing the speed sensor. The installation instructions in the user guide are brief but to the point. But.... no matter how I mounted the speed sensor, the magnet and the cycling computer, I never got any read out on the display.

I tried a number of different locations for both the sensor and the cycling computer because the user guide clearly states the maximum distance that is allowed between both. My mountainbike has front suspension so there is not really a lot of margin to do the installation. But even when I uninstalled everything and tested the sensor by sweeping the magnet right in front of it, I couldn't get any read out on the display. Sigh...

Could it be that the speed sensor was DOA? Well... other people seemed to have experienced the same problem.

So I went back to the store and explained my findings. The store owner was a little skeptic when I assured him that I really followed the installation instructions. I showed him that the sweep-the-magnet-test did not give any read out. Then I asked whether they had any other CS models with a similar speed sensor in stock. They did. A CS300. We unpacked it and used its speed sensor to do the sweep test. It worked! Great. I was worried that I would have to wait another week (or more) to get a replacement. Anyway, the guy at Nadine Sport was really helpful.

Back home I installed everything again. This time the whole setup worked after just a couple of minutes of tweaking the position of the speed sensor and the magnet. In the end I was able to get a working installation with the cycling computer on the stem and the speed sensor on the left side of the front fork at a distance of 50 cm. According to the user guide this is beyond the maximum distance. But it does seem to work just fine so I'll leave it like that.

In the end it took Polar 3 attempts to get me a working CS200. I guess they were made on a Monday morning.

Tip: If you want to test the speed sensor by sweeping the magnet right in front of it you can do so without the display nearby. The sensor makes a small ticking sound each time the magnet is detected. Nice to know because it is not easy to hold three items (sensor, magnet, cycling computer) with only two hands ;-)

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