donderdag, juli 26, 2007

Eclipse Bug Day

The Eclipse Bug Day tomorrow sounds like a great idea. It's really nice that committers select bugs that are 'easy' to fix without the need to dive really deep into Eclipse's internals.

Unfortunately I won't have time to work on any of the selected bugs. So instead, I'll take some time to go through all the bugs I have reported in the past (a whoppin' 23 of them). Depending on the status of the bug I'll try to clean up Bugzilla a little bit:
  • I'll check that bugs in the NEW or ASSIGNED status are still valid and that their description is current.
  • I'll test bugs that are in the RESOLVED status to validate that the provided resolution is correct. If the resolution is fine, I'll close the bug.
  • Bugs that are in the status VERIFIED get a nice pat on the back and will be CLOSED.
My humble contribution to the very first Eclipse Bug Day.

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