zaterdag, juni 02, 2007

Google and Feedburner

Google has just bought Feedburner.

This is very interesting news because hopefully this means that - in the future - it will be possible to use all of Feedburners functions from within Blogger without having to burn your feed. Or as Google Operating System words it:
Moreover, Feedburner could provide a lot of useful information to Google Reader to filter the most popular/interesting/relevant posts and could enhance Blogger's feeds without having to "burn" them at
Right now the feed of this blog is provided by Blogger which does not give me any information about the number of subscribers. If I would use Feedburner I would get access to that information but it would mean changing the URL of my feed. This would be inconvenient for my current subscribers, so I'm not doing that.

Hopefully Blogger will be enhanced in the near future to provide this functionality without having to change my feed's URL.

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