zondag, mei 27, 2007


Even though some of my pet projects are hosted at Google Code, I have other files worth versioning. Eclipse's local history is nice but it is mainly a 'smarter .bak file' than a versioning system. So I have been playing with the idea of setting up a local CVS or Subversion server for quite a while.

This weekend, I have finally found some time to install my local Subversion server. As usual, the installation instructions in the Ubuntu Starters Guide are pretty good (except for one glitch: my system does not have the htpasswd2 command so I used htpasswd instead). I plan to read the excellent online Subversion book to get the most out of the Subversion server.

On the client I do everything from within Eclipse. I try to stay away from the command line because I'd rather get some work done than trying to memorize parameters. I'm currently using the Subclipse plug-in (which has been working great) but I am tempted to try out Subversive, mainly because of the recent events surrounding both plug-ins.

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