maandag, maart 12, 2007

Testing SyncToy

Earlier today I have spent some time testing Microsoft's SyncToy. They describe it as follows:
SyncToy is a free PowerToy that provides an easy to use, highly customizable program that helps users to do the heavy lifting involved with the copying, moving, and synchronization of different directories.
As a test I wanted to copy the contents of "My Documents" into my home directory on the Server. This basic test scenario revealed a couple of showstoppers:
  • The "echo" mode does not support copying of read-only files.
  • I couldn't find any support for scheduling nor scripting.
Fortunately, there seem to be plenty of alternatives available, so the quest for a good directory syncing tool (to automate backups) continues.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I came upon this while searching for a solution to SyncToy's problem with overwriting read-only files.

    I also found that one of the SyncToy developers posted on a Microsoft newsgroup ( that this functionality is coming in the next release, but couldn't say when that release will be.

    And SyncToy is able to be scheduled; it is done through Windows' Scheduled Tasks.

  2. Thanks for the information. In the meantime I have started using Cobian backup which works just fine for me.