zondag, maart 25, 2007


Steve Loughran noticed that the upcoming version 8 of Lotus Notes is built on top of Eclipse. He makes the following statement:
"My joy at seeing a mass market Java app other than Azureus is tempered by the fact that it's built on the Eclipse codebase. Its kind of inevitable, but scary. Like building outlook inside Visual Studio."
That just sounds weird to me because there is absolutely no reason to temper any joy or be scared. He simply seems to confuse Eclipse as a platform for Rich Client Applications (RCP) and Eclipse as a full blown IDE.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. It'll take some time before that stereotype leaves people's minds, but we're getting there.

    I recall when Websphere and other appservers were moving to Eclipse technology (OSGi/Equinox). The funniest responses came out of people who were like, "uh, I don't want an IDE in my appserver).

  2. It's no surprise. Eclipse RCP and eclipse IDE are both very commonly referred to as "eclipse". On http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/ it does say "Eclipse SDK" but no one ever refers to it as that. Any magazine or online review will call is "Eclipse" and actually, even the eclipse (IDE) splash screen just says "Eclipse". Of course people outside of the community are going to be confused in my opinion.

  3. I guess any tool department within a larger enterprise is fighting that battle everyday...

    We've deployed our own applications based on both Eclipse RCP and Eclipse SDK and people still haven't got it...

    We have to explain every time.. =P