zondag, maart 25, 2007

Cobian Backup

Two weeks ago I mentioned my search for a good tool to sync directories to backup important files from my XPS laptop to a network share. I've been using Cobian Backup for 2 weeks now and so far I have been pleased by the results.

I have configured it to do an incremental backup each day at 20:00. It makes a full backup every 5 days and it always keeps 2 full backups.

I have also specified to turn on the XPS LEDs using the xps_led_control executable when the backup starts and turn them back off again when the backup has finished. A nice visual reminder that my data is safe.

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  1. Hi, interested to see you are using Cobian as your backup tool of choice. I like the look of Cobian, but I'm struggling with what I should be using as a sensible backup policy. Do you have your full and incremental backups setup as two seperate tasks? I'd be very interested to see how you have each task configured within Cobian, it clearly works well for you!