maandag, februari 19, 2007

XPS LEDs under Linux?

It turns out there are people (well, at least one ;-) that want to use the Eclipse XPS plug-in on Linux to show JUnit results on their Dell XPS laptop LEDs.

The plug-in contains native code that only works under Windows. The plug-in manifest file contains the following two lines to indicate that there is native code and that it only works on a Windows 32 platform.
Bundle-NativeCode: /lib/com.litrik.eclipse.xps.dll;osname=win32;processor=x86
Eclipse-PlatformFilter: (& ( (osgi.os=win32) (osgi.arch=x86))
It would be fairly easy to update the plug-in manifest file to support multiple platforms. Unfortunately, getting the C code to compile and work under Linux will be the hard part.

I have found a couple of people with questions about getting the XPS LEDs to work under Linux, but so far no answers. If you happen to know how to get the LEDs working under Linux add a comment to the enhancement request.

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  1. I have what you want :)

    download the tar.gz ,

    ./configure && make && sudo make all
    sudo modprobe dcdbas
    sudo bins/dellLEDCtl -h
    sudo bins/dellLEDCtl -i
    sudo bins/dellLEDCtl -z1 1 -z2 2 -z3 2 -l 7

  2. That looks interesting. I'll have to take a look at it one of these days...

  3. Wow... I thought I was never going to be able to change my LED colors (or turn them off) while using Linux. I tried what Julien said (but I installed libsmbios from Archlinux repositores via pacman) and it worked out-of-the-box.

  4. Thanks --- I had this about a year ago, it worked wonderfully .. especially my cronjob that did the flash every hour ... then I upgrade the 2.6.23 kernel recently and lost the link, spent hours scouring google again to find it ... THANKS!!!

    I have it now saved to an external hard drive and adding it to my post-kernel scripts I run after an upgrade ... thanks so much .. you have made my co-workers once again annoyed

  5. You can also use this program:

    It uses libsmbios to access the LEDs, but you don't have to work though command line. It's a simple gui that let's you change the color and intensity in just one click.

    Currently it only works on Ubuntu. But if you tell me where the dellLEDCtl file is on your distro, I can add it to the code (or you can do it yourself if you know python).