woensdag, februari 07, 2007

Mylar talking to Google Code

With the information in a blog entry, an Eclipse bug, the Mylar Installation Guide and the Mylar User Guide I was able to install Mylar and configure it to retrieve issue data from my Eclipse XPS project hosted at Google Code.

Here's a screenshot of the Web Repository Settings dialog:

And this is what the list of current issues looks like:

Totally cool. Mylar rocks, and I'm not the only one who says so.

PS: Yup, already three issues. All enhancement requests, no bugs (yet). I'd better start coding ;-)

Edit: Fixed first link in post (to the original blog entry).

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  1. The original blog post is here. Also note, that you don't really need to fill in login info for the Google Code.

  2. I fixed the link to the original post. Thanks.

    And it does make sense that login info is not needed to get the issue data from Google Code because it's on public pages anyway. Gotta remember that.

  3. Off topic question: I like the "UI skin" that is shown in your screenshots. The fonts used tell me that the underlying OS is probably Windows; may I ask what theme or settings you have applied to Win and/or Eclipse to get that pretty design ;-) ? Thanks, Christian.

  4. Christian, It is indeed Windows. The skin is Luna VX.

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