donderdag, februari 08, 2007

Lost in space

Earlier today the Eclipse webmaster wrote the following to encourage people to blog about Eclipse and add their feed to Planet Eclipse:
If you use Eclipse, or if you're an Eclipse hacker, get a blog and write about Eclipse, then ask the Planet admins to add your blog. We want to read what you have to say.
Now that's weird...

My first blog post about Eclipse is from May 2nd 2005. On November 5th 2006 I created an Eclipse bug with the request/suggestion to add my feed to the Planet. By then I had already 12 posts tagged with "eclipse".

Today I'm writing my 25th post about Eclipse but so far my feed is still not part of Planet Eclipse. Nothing has happened to the bug. Not even a single comment.

At first I thought that maybe my writing was not good (enough). Hey I can live with that. No problemo. But then I figured out that at least somebody would have left a comment saying "Sorry. Not good enough." or "Not enough posts. We'll keep an eye on your feed and consider it in the future". But nope. Not a single comment.

So I assumed the Eclipse webmaster had more important things to do and was only checking bugs about new feeds every month or so. Or maybe he was not even interested in adding new feeds at all. Anyway, life goes on.

So when I read his plea for more blogging about Eclipse I went... boink. I guess I'll have to stir the pot a little bit...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Apologies - stirring the pot was the right thing to do. Funny enough, your blog was missed by myself, Gunnar and Chris.

  2. Sorry Litrik, sometimes you have to poke people to get things done, we try to do our best ;)