zondag, februari 11, 2007


Today I've spent some time adding three enhancements to the preferences of my Eclipse XPS plug-in. I had to redesign the preferences page a little bit to make all these new parameters fits. The preferences page now look like this:

I used Eclipse's standard BooleanFieldEditor and ScaleFieldEditor, and my own LEDColorFieldEditor to keep the implementation of the preference page as clean as possible.

There's no binary release yet, so currently you'll have to grab the code from trunk if you want to play with it.

PS: The download page shows that 33 people already downloaded the plug-in. This means that 33 people are doing Java development on a Dell XPS laptop and want the built-in LEDs to show JUnit results. I'm amazed.

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  1. Hello,
    I do Eclipse Development on my trusty XPS system and would love you use your plugin :-) I followed the install instructions, although Eclipse does not seem to load the plugin. Maybe this is because I am on the linux platform? If this is the case, I would be happy to make the first linux driver I write, one for the xps lights...although I don't know what bus the lights are attached to...

  2. Mike,

    You're right. The plugin is only supported on Windows (32 bit). I updated the installation instructions accordingly.

    I have no idea how we're going to get the LEDs working under Linux though.

    I have created a new issue to add support for Linux. I suggest we move the discussion and the exchange of ideas over there.

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