zondag, januari 21, 2007


Up until now we were using Fins for the charting of build statistics in our homemade Cocoon-based UI for CruiseControl. Unfortunately the underlying JFreeChart charting library was using too much memory when working with large data sets.

So I started looking for an alternative and found XML/SWF Charts. It allows you to include nice charts in your web pages without too much of a hassle. Really Nice. Really recommended.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Any chance some of that chart work might find its way back to the CruiseControl project?

    Curious committers want to know...

  2. As I said in the original post, we do not use the webapp shipped with CruiseControl as the web interface for the build results. Our whole web UI was built from scratch using Cocoon (because we needed to many custom changes to the UI and we were more familiar with Cocoon that straight JSPs).

    Therefor it is not easy to reuse any of my recent work.

    However, using that "XML/SWF Charts" library was so easy that it can't take a CruiseControl developer (with some knowledge about the current webapp) a lot of time.