woensdag, november 29, 2006


Countries I have visited:

US states I have visited:

European countries I have visited:

You can create your own visited country/state map. Cool.

PS: Most of that traveling was done between 1998 and 2002.

dinsdag, november 28, 2006

yousendit (if you register)

I have used yousendit a couple of times in the past to send large zip files (>100MB) with pictures to family or friends.

Recently they changed the way their uploading and downloading works: you are now required to register before you can upload or download a file. I can live with registering to upload a file, but downloading... no thanks.

So I'm checking out some alternatives.

donderdag, november 23, 2006

EclipseCon session proposals

My EclipseCon session proposals are in. One session is called "Designing and generating output using Scriptura". The other one is called "Experiences porting a Swing-based product family to Eclipse RCP". Follow the links for further details.

The selection process is driven by the community but to be honest: while browsing through the database with proposals I did not see a lot of activity besides some very basic comments by people from the program committee. I have no idea what to expect. We'll see how it turns out.

dinsdag, november 21, 2006


Voor de Kerstcadeau's werken wij al jaren met lotjetrek waardoor je maar voor één persoon iets moet kopen. Aangezien er dit jaar gewerkt wordt met lijstjes wordt het probleem gewoon verplaatst. In plaats van "wat zou ik kunnen kopen voor de persoon die ik getrokken heb" wordt het nu "wat zou ik op mijn lijstje kunnen zetten".

En ik weet het dus niet. Ik zou niet weten wat mensen voor mij zouden kunnen/moeten kopen want ik weet begot niet wat ik voor mezelf zou kopen.

zaterdag, november 18, 2006

NoScript Firefox add-on

I'm always looking for good useful Firefox Add-ons.

A couple of weeks ago I have installed NoScript. It is an extension that blocks all JavaScript unless you explicitly enable it for a specific site. It is very user-friendly and works like a charm. I really recommend it to make your browser safer.

maandag, november 13, 2006

Double click to mount an ISO image

If you have DAEMON Tools installed there is an easy way to mount an ISO image by double clicking on it:
  1. In Windows Explorer select the "Tools > Folder Options..." menu item
  2. On the "File Types" tab select the extension "ISO"
  3. Click on the "Advanced" button
  4. Edit the action "Mount" (or create it if it does not exist)
  5. In the field "Application used to perform the action" enter "C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools\daemon.exe" -mount 0,"%1"
  6. Click on the "OK" button
  7. Select the action "Mount" and click on the "Set Default" button
  8. Click on the "OK" button
  9. Click on the "OK" button
After executing the above steps, double clicking on an ISO file will automaticlly mount it.

PS: To get rid of the annoying "Secure mode" warning after mounting an image, deselect the option "Secure mode" in the "Options" menu of the DAEMON Tools tray icon.

Feeding problems

Blogger seems to have some feed hiccups lately. It's not pretty when all recent posts show up as new and unread in the feed. Kinda defeats the purpose of having a feed in the first place.

They claim it is a "one-time annoyance". We'll see.

zondag, november 12, 2006

XPS: First impressions

My brand new Dell XPS M1710 has arrived and the machine is simply astonishing: lightning fast, very quiet and a totally cool design ;-)

Of course I have been busy the last couple of days uninstalling all the crappy software that comes preinstalled, and installing the software that I'm familiar with. It always surprises me how long it takes to install, configure and customize a new machine.

dinsdag, november 07, 2006


Je hebt zo van die mensen waar je jaren niks van hoort en die dan op een onverwachte manier terug opduiken. In dit geval gaat het over iemand die nog op dezelfde middelbare school als ik gezeten heeft. Na zijn studies heeft hij de grote stap gewaagd en is naar de States vertrokken op zoek naar... whatever de mensen ginds gaan zoeken. Slechts geboerd heeft hij blijkbaar niet want hij staat toch maar mooi met een SAP boek op Amazon.

Zelf heb ik ook al wat geschreven maar tot op Amazon ben ik nog niet geraakt. De recentste poging staat nog steeds in de IBM zijn (red)boekenkast. Van een eerder boek voor IBM zijn alle sporen verdwenen... waarschijnlijk omdat het product waarover het handelde ook verdwenen is.

zondag, november 05, 2006

Eclipse, DITA and DocBook

The "New and Noteworthy" of Eclipse 3.3 M3 contains an item called "Plug in help in any format" that immediately caught my attention. It mentions DITA, a standard for "creating topic-oriented, information-typed content that can be reused and single-sourced in a variety of ways".

We have been using DocBook for a number of years to our author technical documentation. Unfortunately there are a number of issues with DocBook: there are simply too many elements to choose from, modularization is cumbersome, and some more.

After reading the comparison between both authoring standards it might be worth giving DITA a closer look. Certainly if it provides/allows tighter integration in an Eclipse environment.

donderdag, november 02, 2006

Dell XPS 1710

Are you thinking about buying one of those fancy Dell XPS M1710 laptops?

I suggest you wait a little longer because I've just ordered one and history has shown that the price of any hardware item I purchase takes a steep dive approximately 2 weeks after I buy it.