maandag, oktober 30, 2006

My friends are into Hip Hop...

... but I'm into Folk.

Afgelopen zaterdag hebben we ferm genoten van het concert ter ere van het tienjarig bestaan van Mine in de Parochiezaal van Wezemaal. Er waren een aantal bekende en minder bekende gast-artiesten en je kon merken dat ze er allemaal zin in hadden. Op het laatst stonden ze zelfs met 18 op het podium (als ik goed geteld heb tenminste).

En zoals ik eerder al schreef: hun eerste - en vooralsnog enige - CD is volledig uitverkocht en daardoor nu gratis doch legaal te downloaden. Het viel me trouwens op hoeveel Folk nummers je eigenlijk kent zonder dat je er een titel of groep op kan plakken.

PS: Geen paniek: hun muziek is beter dan hun website ;-)

vrijdag, oktober 27, 2006

Commit comment templates in Mylar 0.8.0

Mylar 0.8.0 was released recently.

Mylar is an Eclipse project that tries to make working with very large workspaces as easy as working with small ones. It integrates nicely with Bugzilla and keeps track of any files you change when working on a bug. These changed files are automatically placed in a change set so they can be committed together.

This new release includes support for templates for commit messages. This is really cool because a commit message automatically gets formatted the way you specify. This prevent typos in commit messages which causes scripts that intercept commit messages to automate certain tasks (like updating Bugzilla bug reports) to skip you comment.

Very nice work indeed. I'm already looking forward to the upcoming releases.

woensdag, oktober 25, 2006

Eragon trailer

Being a hardcore Tolkien fan, I just can't believe what I saw in the trailer of the upcoming movie Eragon. There are so many similarities to Lord Of The Rings that can easily be spotted in that trailer:
  • A dragon that looks like a Nazgul beast
  • An Arwen-like character being chased while riding a white horse
  • A scene that looked a lot like Gandalf's fall in Moria
  • A bad guy that looks like Saruman
I'm pretty sure that - if I watch the trailer a couple more times - I'll spot a burning eye and a skinny guy saying "my preciousssss".

I have never heard of "Eragon", nor "The Inheritance trilogy" but it all just looks like a ripoff to me.

Firefox 2.0

In case you haven't noticed: Firefox 2.0 is out.

I really like some of the new features:
  • Automatic spellchecking of forms
  • Ability to directly subscribe to a feed using Google Reader
  • Possibility to reopen a tab you've recently closed (by accident)
I do not like the new theme. The icons seem to dull. Not enough colors. Fortunately the old theme is just one click away.

dinsdag, oktober 24, 2006

EclipseCon 2007 Call For Participation Calendar

EclipseCon has opened its Call For Participation for the 2007 conference in Santa Clara, California. We are going to propose one or more sessions and I want to make sure that I keep an eye on the important dates so I added them - as a public calendar - to Google Calendar. You can find this public calendar by searching for "eclipsecon 2007" inside Google Calendar.

zondag, oktober 22, 2006

Using Picasa Web Albums

Earlier this week I was still trying to figure out which site to use to host my photos.

I have decided to use Picasa Web Albums for two important reasons:
  1. It has flawless integration with Picasa, the photo management software Ive been using for a very long time now.
  2. People can download hires photos without having resort to a paying account (like Flickr does).
I'm not sure that the feeds that are available on my Picasa page are 100% OK because they only seem to contain file names, no images nor thumbnails. But that doesn't bother me that much.

Uploading images is just one click away, so you can expect images to be added more frequently.

zaterdag, oktober 21, 2006

Getting Thunderbird's address book into Gmail

I ditched Thunderbird and switched to Google Mail as email application.

The web interface of Google Mail is pretty good and at first sight its spam filter is better than the combination of the spam filter installed at Skynet (my ISP) and the local filter in Thunderbird. Probably because it gets a lot more training by all these thousands of users.

The biggest stumbling block was getting my address book imported in Google Mail. Thunderbird has an export to CSV and Google mail has an import from CSV but alas... that scenario does not work out of the box. Fortunately I have found a short HOWTO that explains how to get Thunderbird's address book imported into Gmail by modifying the CSV file a little bit. Works like a charm.

PS: Even though I switched email clients nothing changes to any of my email addresses.

donderdag, oktober 19, 2006

Photo sharing

I'm currently looking for a site where I can share my photos. Hosting it somewhere with a user friendly UI should result in more activity (just like this blog).

Flickr is very popular but it does not allow people to download hires versions of photos. Picasa Web Albums does, but it has a number of other limitations (like no support for tags) but it might be sufficient for my needs. I've been reading some comparisons but I guess I'll have to give them both a try.

woensdag, oktober 18, 2006


Verbazend. Tijdens de rit van en naar het werk passeer ik - anderhalve week na de verkiezingen - nog altijd vele tientallen panelen met verkiezingsaffiches. Dan is het hier bij ons beter geregeld: de ochtend na de verkiezingen was nog amper een affiche te bespeuren. Op een paar wringers na natuurlijk.

maandag, oktober 16, 2006

Sharing OPML with Google Reader

I really like Google Reader but it would be totally really cool if Google would allow me to share my OPML file. That way everybody can see which feeds I'm reading.

And I'm not the only one who is looking for this feature. Other people have asked for this as well.

zondag, oktober 15, 2006

Moving to Blogger. Changing feeds.

I have moved my blog to Blogger. Blogger is more user friendly than what I have been using so far (some stuff I wrote myself). It will be lot easier/faster to write a blog entry so hopefully this results in an increase in blog entries.

As a result of this move I no longer generate my own Atom Feed at nor If you are reading that feed you should switch to my new blog feed at

My homepage at will also be updated to reflect this move.

dinsdag, oktober 03, 2006

Google Reader

I'm switching to Google Reader as my RSS/Atom feed reader of choice.

I've never wanted to install another client application just to read feeds (not even if it is Eclipse-based). I've also disliked the weird user interface of the feed support in Mozilla Thunderbird since day one.

Fortunately, recent enhancements to Google Reader make it a joy to use and there is a whole range of possibilities to start sharing stuff. Looks very interesting.