maandag, juni 26, 2006

Druk weekend

Weeral een vermoeiend weekendje achter de rug.

Zaterdag een daguitstap gedaan om naar wat dieren te gaan kijken. De kids vonden het geweldig, maar 's avonds was iedereen (inclusief mama en papa) compleet groggy.

Zondag moest de wederhelft gaan helpen op een open deur (waarschuwing: iemand heeft net ontdekt hoe je de kleur van tekst kan instellen) en dus was ondergetekende van wacht.

En dan niet te vergeten dat de oudste vorige week goed ziek geweest is, en dat de jongste is ook al weer op iets aan het broeden is. Nachtrust? Ja, ik herinner mij vaag zo iets...

woensdag, juni 21, 2006


Yes indeed, my previous blog entry did cause some stir at the office:
"I don't blog because there's already enough crap on the internet. And I wanted to let you know but your sissy blog does not allow comments." From the-guy-who's-waiting-for-the-slashdot-effect-to-hit.


"My site is not a blog. It's just a homepage for the baby that's on his/her way. And I wanted to let you know but your sissy blog does not allow comments." From the-guy-who-really-should-enjoy-his-last-quiet-nights.

Whatever... My static pages do not offer a lot of options for collecting feedback, unless I resort to some really funky mailto: URLs. And even if you are running some real live blogging software you often need to lock down comments because of all the comment spamming that going around. But of course there are cute ways to protect your site.

As a result of all these interesting discussions I remembered that a colleague also made this not-too-bad-looking website (even though it is not really a personal website). But the one that beats them all is this mysterious site with a spelling error.

maandag, juni 19, 2006

Colleagues blogging

Wow... a couple of colleagues started blogging. One seems to be active for a little over 2 months now. The other one started only yesterday. But both seem to be running this software originally written by a guy we know.

Me, I just continue with this when I grow up I wanna be a real dynamic blog hosted on a real server instead of this simple collection of static HTML pages.

Even though we are a pretty high tech software development company, some colleagues seem to be stuck in the 20th century, have no inspiration or are hoping for some kind of Slashdot effect. Come on guys, you can do better than that.

dinsdag, juni 13, 2006

Goed doel

Voor diegenen die nog niet weten wat te doen dit weekend, kan ik alvast een event van een goed doel aanraden om vrijdag 16 juni 2006: rondleiding op de festivalweide van Werchter, optreden van Johan Verminnen en demonstratiewedstrijden rolstoeltennis. En dit allemaal gratis!

maandag, juni 05, 2006


I have started moving all my bookmarks to some time ago. That work is not yet finished but I have already changed the homepage to display the 5 most recent bookmarks from instead of my local bookmarks file. The two bookmarks pages on this site (by date and by folder) continue to exist but they will get shorter and shorter over time.

I'm using the free Feed2JS service for that because this site only consists of static HTML files. The only option I have to embed dynamic content is through some client-side Javascript but that is severly limited because of built-in browser measures to prevent cross site scripting exploits. The Feed2JS service only updates my RSS feed once per hour but that is still better than the irregular updates that I did for my local bookmarks.

Maybe I should consider finding a real hosting company instead of using the web space that came with my ADSL account...