zondag, september 25, 2005

Cocoon's TraversableGenerator and image metadata

I've been doing some Java programming lately to extend Cocoon's TraversableGenerator . I have made a MetadataTraversableGenerator that adds image metadata to the existing output. I use the Java metadata-extractor library written by Drew Noakes. It includes classes to read Exif and Camera-specific maker notes from JPEG images.

This new approach allows me to sort my pictures on actual creation date (instead of the change date of the file on the filesystem).

At the same time I'm cleaning up my pictures section a little bit. I haven't had time yet to add all old images but I'll try to do that the next couple of days/weeks.

zondag, september 04, 2005

Walking on sunshine

Katrina and the Waves.

I have been in New Orleans twice, for business. The first time was in 1999 as an exhibitor during IBM's Business Partner Executive Conference (BPEC). The second time was in 2001 as an exhibitor and speaker during the COMMON 2001 Spring Conference.

Both conferences took place in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center where (during the last week) thousands of people have been waiting endlessly to be rescued.

All recent events just show where their priorities are. But don't worry, they'll take care of you.

Sad, really sad. At least they didn't blame this guy or these people.