woensdag, augustus 10, 2005

Using Fins 0.1.2 in Cocoon 2.1.7

I finally managed to get Fins 0.1.2 working inside Cocoon 2.1.7.

The Fins installation instructions describe how to integrate Fins into Cocoon 2.1.5 but unfortunately these instructions do not work with Cocoon 2.1.7. So I made the following changes to the installation instructions to get everything up and running:

  1. Copy both jfreechart-0.9.20.jar and jcommon-0.9.5.jar into the lib/optional directory of your Cocoon installation.
  2. Add the following to jars.xml in the lib directory:
    <description>Charting package</description>
    <used-by>Fins block</used-by>

    <description>Utility library used by JFreeChart</description>
    <used-by>Fins block</used-by>
  3. Add the following to gump.xml:
    <project name="cocoon-block-fins" status="unstable" dir="src/blocks/fins">

    <ant target="gump-block">
    <property name="block-name" value="fins"/>
    <property name="version" value="@@DATE@@"/>

    <depend project="cocoon" inherit="all"/>
    <depend project="cocoon-block-batik"/>

    <library name="jfreechart"/>
    <library name="jcommon"/>

    <work nested="tools/anttasks"/>
    <home nested="build/cocoon-@@DATE@@"/>

    <jar name="blocks/fins-block.jar"/>

    <nag from="Gump" to="cocoon-dev@xml.apache.org"/>
  4. Make sure that the XSP block is included or the samples of the Fins block will not work.

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