maandag, augustus 29, 2005

Havanna 1, Havanna 2,...

Even though you can't see it on any page, I did install a small page counter on every page of the site to keep track of the number of visitors.

A long time ago I used a free web counter from Nedstat. But recently I haven't used anything to keep track of visitor statistics. Last weekend I decided to look for a new web counter because I am a little bit curious about the number of visitors I get on the site.

I quickly checked out the current free offering of Nedstat and the current recommendation of Teller Test and I have decided to go with StatCounter. One of their advantages is that they support invisible counters, and they allow you to prevent logging of your own visits through a cookie.

zondag, augustus 21, 2005

Allemaal beestjes

Gisteren met de kroost, inclusief nog wat vrienden en familie, in totaal 6 volwassenen en 5 kinderen (tussen 4 maand en 5 jaar), naar de dieren gaan kijken. Zo zijn die punten toch nog ergens goed voor.

Zoals gewoonlijk is dat soort uitstapjes een hele verhuis, maar het belangrijkste is dat de klein mannen zich goed geamuseerd hebben: "Wow, twee speeltuinen!"

Zelf heb ik zo'n 130 (digitale) foto's genomen en ik denk dat we met z'n allen er wel tussen de 300 en 400 hebben. Dus had ik niet veel zin om bij het buitengaan 7 euro te betalen voor een (middelmatige) foto die genomen is van iedereen bij het binnengaan van het park. En neen ik heb ook geen 6 euro over voor een sleutelhangertje met een pietluttig fotootje van mijn nageslacht. Toch bedankt voor de moeite.

donderdag, augustus 18, 2005

IE7 works

Dean Edwards' IE7 collection of patches to Internet Explorer's lousy CSS implementation works really great. I have downloaded it, installed and enabled it using some very easy instructions and... it works like a charm. Amazing!

It doesn't fix everything on this site, and it does make rendering the page a whole lot slower in IE. But at least you can now look at the site in IE without hurting your eyes ;-)

I still recommend to switch to a better browser though.

zondag, augustus 14, 2005

A new layout for the website

The last couple of days I've been working on a new CSS layout for my website. I got tired of looking at all the green backgrounds so I decided to get rid of it and start with something new.

I like the current CSS of websites like Mozilla, Drupal and Ruby On Rails. So I based the new design on those sites, without simply copy-pasting everything. I'm trying to give a small personal touch.

Even though it is not finished yet I'm already putting online what I currently have. I believe in Release Early, Release Often ;-)

woensdag, augustus 10, 2005

Using Fins 0.1.2 in Cocoon 2.1.7

I finally managed to get Fins 0.1.2 working inside Cocoon 2.1.7.

The Fins installation instructions describe how to integrate Fins into Cocoon 2.1.5 but unfortunately these instructions do not work with Cocoon 2.1.7. So I made the following changes to the installation instructions to get everything up and running:

  1. Copy both jfreechart-0.9.20.jar and jcommon-0.9.5.jar into the lib/optional directory of your Cocoon installation.
  2. Add the following to jars.xml in the lib directory:
    <description>Charting package</description>
    <used-by>Fins block</used-by>

    <description>Utility library used by JFreeChart</description>
    <used-by>Fins block</used-by>
  3. Add the following to gump.xml:
    <project name="cocoon-block-fins" status="unstable" dir="src/blocks/fins">

    <ant target="gump-block">
    <property name="block-name" value="fins"/>
    <property name="version" value="@@DATE@@"/>

    <depend project="cocoon" inherit="all"/>
    <depend project="cocoon-block-batik"/>

    <library name="jfreechart"/>
    <library name="jcommon"/>

    <work nested="tools/anttasks"/>
    <home nested="build/cocoon-@@DATE@@"/>

    <jar name="blocks/fins-block.jar"/>

    <nag from="Gump" to=""/>
  4. Make sure that the XSP block is included or the samples of the Fins block will not work.

dinsdag, augustus 09, 2005

Toeristisch Hageland

Tijdens mijn tochten met de mountainbike passeer ik geregeld een aantal interessante lokaties zoals de Molenberg in Betekom, het Natuurreservaat Vorsdonkbos in Gelrode, de Eikelberg in Gelrode, de Aurelianustoren in Aarschot en het Meetshovenbos in Aarschot.

Al deze plaatsen zorgen voor de nodige afwisseling om elk fietstochtje leuk te maken.

woensdag, augustus 03, 2005

Skinning Windows XP

Why is it so hard to skin Windows XP?

You can find numerous sites on the Internet where you can download themes for Windows XP. Unfortunately you need to run some shareware in the background or patch the official uxtheme.dll that comes with Windows. Since, I'm already burning CPU cycles and memory running a firewall, an anti virus and an anti spyware tool, I'll go for pactching the DLL.

But hey... that doesn't give me any new fancy icons!? What do I need to do for that? Another shareware tool? No thanks. Any free alternatives? Not realy, because they only allow to change a limited number of icons. You need at least 2 tools before you're able to change all icons (desktop, drives, file types,...).

So in the end I decided to continue using the Luna VX theme. And I'll stick with the standard Microsoft icons for now.