zaterdag, mei 21, 2005

OSGi in Cocoon?

A very interesting thread popped up on the cocoon-dev mailing list about using OSGi as micro kernel for the upcoming versions of Cocoon.

Even though Cocoon is less complex than our product, there are a lot of similarities. Certainly something to keep an eye on...

vrijdag, mei 06, 2005


After one month of taking pictures with my new Canon PowerShot A95 digital camera, I noticed that I had already taken more than 200 pictures with an incorrect date setting.

The camera stores its date into every JPEG it saves on the memory card and most picture organizers (like Picasa) use this date when managing pictures on your PC.

In Windows XP there is no way (AFAIK) to change the EXIF data of JPEG files (where all meta data is stored). Fortunately I have found Exifer, a tool that allows you to read and change all meta data stored inside JPEG images.

maandag, mei 02, 2005

Eclipse WTP 3.1M4

Eclipse WTP 3.1 M4 is out. This milestone is compatible with Eclipse 3.1 M6.

All the problems I ran into when using WTP 3.1 M3 on top of Eclipse 3.1 M6 seem to have disappeared. I know... I know... WTP 3.1 M3 was never supposed to be supported on Eclipse 3.1 M6 but of course I only read the docs after upgrading.

Anyway... the good news is: auto-completion works again when editing XML files.