vrijdag, april 29, 2005

Terug thuis

Siggi en Ronin zijn (eindelijk) terug thuis. Het is wel even wennen met een tweede spruit in huis. Maar van zodra we het ritme terug te pakken hebben zal het wel allemaal terug vlot lopen.

vrijdag, april 22, 2005

Ronin: een update

Ronin en Siggi hebben het prima naar hun zin, en Kiran is een fiere grote broer. Kijk maar op de nieuwe foto's.

donderdag, april 21, 2005

Ronin is geboren!

Ronin is geboren! Zowel de baby als de mama stellen het goed.

De papa heeft met zijn slaapkop al de eerste info en een paar foto's online gezet.

zondag, april 17, 2005

Resize Firefox' search box

I've just stumbled across a neat little extension for Firefox called "Resize Search Box". And guess what.... that's exactly what it does!

I've always thought that the default size of the search box in Firefox was pretty small. I used to resize the search box using some CSS back in 0.6 or 0.7, but that doesn't work anymore. Now this extension comes to the rescue.

donderdag, april 14, 2005

<link rel="alternate">

By simply adding <link rel="alternate" href="..." type="application/xml" title="..."> to each HTML page Firefox automatically shows its Live Bookmark icon to indicate that my site has an RSS feed. Cool.

woensdag, april 13, 2005

Xalan bug in date:day-abbreviation() reported

I have reported the bug in Xalan that I talked about earlier this week. It turns out the latest release 2.6.2 also has the same behavior as 2.6.1. It is now known as Xalan bug 2099.

Nothing critical, but still worth reporting to the developers.

zondag, april 10, 2005

Is date:day-abbreviation() broken in Xalan 2.6.1?

While working on the new RSS 2.0 feed of my site I've been struggling with some of the EXSLT extensions of Xalan 2.6.1 (which is included in Cocoon 2.1.7).

The date:day-abbreviation() function is supposed to return a three-letter English day abbreviation: one of 'Sun', 'Mon', 'Tue', 'Wed', 'Thu' or 'Fri' (at least that's what the doc says) but Xalan keeps returning two-letter Dutch day abbreviations. I guess this is because Xalan uses the JVM language which is Dutch because I'm running a Dutch Windows XP.

Since I'm not really in the mood to dig any deeper into this, I've resorted to a simple (yet very efficient) workaround: I start Cocoon's JVM with the "-Duser.language=en" parameter.

zaterdag, april 09, 2005

New blog-like features

I've been doing some work on the back-end of this website. I've started adding some new blog-like features, which I'll gradually introduce the next couple of days/weeks.

A great opportunity to refreshen my XSLT and CSS knowledge.